Privacy Policy

Privacy and your data

Your meeting data belongs entirely to you. It does not belong to Balance Meetings or an employer. You can ask for a copy of your data or request for it be deleted at any time. We will confirm your request within 24 hours, and your data will be deleted within 30 days.

How does Balance Meetings access and use your data?

Balance Meetings collects the data necessary to provide a meaningful experience to improve your productivity and meeting behavior. This includes interactions through the app that help build your meeting statistics and trends, as well as data from your calendars that allow us to calculate meeting names, duration, and number of attendees. 

Personalized stats

To create meaningful improvements in your work-life through sleep, Balance Meetings may augment personalized automated recommendations with expert human advice.

Can your employer or team see your data?

You own your data. Your use of the Balance Meetings app can be beneficial to your company and to you, by allowing you to  view meeting stats aggregate in order to fix company culture, or aggregate meeting trends to inform decisions at a company level. No one in your company, besides you, will have access to your individual data. Companies may be able to view anonymized, aggregate, de-identified data.

Retention policy

If at any time you wish to delete all of your data, contact us at After deletion, all data will be fully removed from our servers after 30 days. We do not, and will never, share your data with any third parties.